World of Bastion

To Hell and Back

It’s only happened once before, hours prior to the attack against Darkstar Keep that saw Colesion Tholan rise to Sainthood. During the twilight hours between dusk and dark, 100 new members of Darkstar and Envision stood side by side and swore their oaths before their patrons.

Today, that number is 26. You stand among them.15 for Darkstar; 11 for Envision.

More than 200 members of each organization stand in full regalia in the massive compound. To the west courtyard, the emerald and gold of Envision glimmer in the twilight. To the east, Darkstar members stand at attention.

A small pavilion has been constructed at the end of the courtyard in the shadow of the main keep. Here, some of the most powerful personae in Bastion stand before you.

After initiation and some time with your patrons, you’rte given a mission: Go to the first plane of Hell, enter the forge, and destroy the artifact of Asmodeus.

The heroes have been dispatched to Hell to destroy the keystone to the Hellgate, a powerful artifact that could change the face of Bastion forever. Traveling across the River Styx to the shores of Avernus, they were greeted by a patrol of Nessian Hell Hounds. Upon defeating them, they discovered that each hound was wearing a collar with a shimmering blue star sapphire. Perhaps they belong to some noble…hopefully not an Arch Duke!

Moving deeper into the first plane of Hell, the heroes saw tortured souls at every turn, and the sound of wailing filled the air. They were almost surprised by spectres, but the monk gave warning and the party defeated five and sent the sixth fleeing.

Exhausted, the party decided to rest for the night.

Traversing through Avernus is dangerous. Two greater fire elementals attacked with surprise from a nearby fissure. As the heroes attempted to dispatch them, an elder fire elemental arrived and complicated their maneuvers. Still, the heroes emerged victorious and continued their march through Hell.

Rounding a craggy outcropping of rocks, the group saw 5 fire giants torturing a 10-foot tall humanoid. Each would take turns whipping the human, and his wails echoes through the rocky landscape.

Striking with surprise, the adventurer’s crippled the giants with a well-placed sleet storm. Fate was not kind to the giants, who failed their saves against the magic, and the party focus-fired down their enemies. Alas, one giant took out a horn and sounded the alarm.

As the giants fell one by one, the shackled human laughed gleefully. “Kill them all!” he roared. When asked why he was imprisoned, he laughed again and said “Crimes against Devilry.”

Hellhounds and a barbed devil soon joined the fray. They were no match for the party in the end, but a vanguard of the devils was now approaching the site. The heroes had little time.

Magic revealed that the human was both chaotic and evil. One offered him a choice of a quick death or continued torture. Laughing again, the human told the dwarf “Little one, that choice is beyond your power to make.”

One tried to kill him with a series of coup de graces, but his wounds healed long before death came. And he seemed to enjoy the pain. The shackles that help him down were beyond the parties capabilities to remove. They fled deeper into hell as more devils approached.

Later that night as the party made camp, a horrible realization came over them. That human…that tortured creature. They knew who he was now. He matched the description of someone they read about in their histories. It was about the Northlands War.

He was Cameron Drake, former ruler of Santanium.

Confrontation with hags torturing children
Defeated Barons Melina Rothes and Grathos (Tiers)
—Reports are that they were resurrected and seeking revenge
Entered the Forge and defeated the cerberi guardians (Minxus and Maximus)
Defeated the Custodian (Kuraxis, a barbed devil)
Survived Firefly Alley (hellswarms)
Discovered how to travel to the forge

Defeated (but did not destroy) the demi-lich Nestor

Defeated (but did not kill) Malystrim (adult red dragon)
Defeated Melifilus (medusa)
Defeated Alshizim (spectre)
Fled from two pit fiends and a dark angel of Asmodeus


“Fled from two pit fiends and a dark angel of Asmodeus”

Well duh!

To Hell and Back
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