World of Bastion

Rumblings of War

41 Coldhaven, Ravenwyrm Falling, 1127 SY – Imperial Palace, Nightguard, Land of the Flame Shroud

Emperor Nokraenom delivered a fiery speech before the Senate today, denouncing the irresponsible acts of the Land of the Covenant. “From deep within the bowels of Santanium, forces loyal to the saint of war are summoning demons to do their bidding! At this very moment, her agents are conspiring with demonic forces to undo this Empire…and we will not stand idly by while Saint Fireform opens the gates of the Abyss!”

The Emperor placed the army on high alert, and mobilized 50,000 soldiers to the western border. There were also unconfirmed reports of large numbers of Tiers forces headed west.

Reaction from around Bastion was swift, as traditional forces quickly aligned themselves against any potential power play by the Calirian Empire.

Saint Megan Fireform, ruler of the Land of the Covenant, blasted Nokraenom. “Once again the Empire cloaks its true motivations, waving a sword in one hand and wielding a shadowed dagger in the other. The Emperor is negotiating with the devils of Hell even as he seeks to unlock the secrets of the Hellgate.”

“My dear friend the Emperor must have forgotten recent history,” said King Melis Sunward of the Sarienstal Elves. “We all fought the demons during the Northlands War and none would attempt a pact with such untrustworthy creatures. Perhaps a local bard could spin a tale of small words to remind him…”

(Player Background: The Hellgate is a massive artifact in the Land of the Flame Shroud that is believed to be a portal to Hell. None have managed to unlock its powers, but the powers of Hell have frequently aligned themselves with the Empire. There were unconfirmed reports during the Northlands War that a number of powerful devils were released into the Prime Material Plane to combat the demons pouring forth from what is now the ruins of Col in the former nation of Santanium…not too far from where you’re adventuring.)


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