World of Bastion

Game 2 Synopsis

3 Coldhaven, Argarus Rising, 1127 SY

The spectral lights cut through the light snowfall and cast myriad images across
the surface of the buildings of Fort Zarin. A low thrumming pulsed through the
ground, radiating through boots and bone. The most alarming sound of all though
was the clash of metal on metal in the distance and the urgent ringing of the
alarm bells.

As guards scrambled for their posts, the heroes poured out of the Shining
Shepard inn. Lily (human Sorceress) was the first to act, rushing a small
distance toward the stone towers as she looked for signs of trouble. Decker
(human Fighter) and Orzogg (half-dragon Barbarian) followed, while Warden Kane
(human Cleric) positioned himself to do the most good should his new friends
require assistance.

The spectral light suddenly emerged below the snow cover, attached to the hull
of a spelljamming vessel. A barrage of fireballs erupted from the ship into the
fort, striking the command center and one of the barracks.

Lily was the first to hear words of magic being uttered from an area of darkness
near the gate. A split second later, the heavy wooden beams slid from their
holders and the gates opened wide into the night.

The whistling of arrows could be heard from the walls as the guards attempted to
repel the attack, but it was too late. A horde of kobolds swarmed through the
open gates, driven with a sense of urgency by orcs and worg riders.

Lily dropped a grease spell in front of the gates, and a small group of kobolds
quickly became mired. The remainder had to pour across either end of the spell,
where Orzogg and Decker were waiting for them.

Captain Gundark Stonehelm, commanding officer of the Fort Zarin, charged out of
the command center with his lieutenants. Two of his subordinates began their own
magical barrage against the spelljamming vessel. Gundark and his remaining
lieutenant charged toward the gates where the heroes were blocking their
progress. Orcs grunted out orders—"kill the dwarf"—and the kobolds strived to

Decker and Orzogg killed kobolds as they ran past. Lily angered one with a ray
of frost, while Warden called out to Ritesheen for aid and sent healing power
through the group.

The battle raged on, with the heroes killing kobolds left and right and Captain
Gundark cleaving his way through wave after wave. The spelljammer traded fire
with the lieutenants, but focused its fire on a barracks once filled with
sleeping soldiers, and their cries of anguish filled the air. A few ballista
blasts and spell barrages finally sent the heavily damage spelljammer limping
across the upper wall.

Behind the kobolds a force of orcs began to emerge. The heroes began to work
themselves to a more defensible position, with a few bursts of color spray
immobilizing kobolds that blocked them. Then Lt. Cryfall, a Sarinestal elf,
hurled a fireball into their midst. The smell of charred flesh filled the air,
and the snow melted into quickly-freezing puddles of red-black ice. The heavy
wooden gate lightly burned for a few moments until the snow extinguished it.

“Gundark die!” The words were grunted in a rough common as a stone giant and its
dire wolf companion entered through the smoldering gates. The dire wolf paused
for a moment to eat a kobold that was in its path, while the giant charged the

The giant made a tactical error charging the dwarf, charging forward to far and
giving Gundark an opportunistic attack. His heavy club cleanly missed the dwarf,
crushing any life that might have been left from a dead kobold.

The heroes quickly moved to intercept the dire wolf, but it was Orzogg that
brought the beast down. Decker and Warden satisfied themselves with some quick
kobold deaths, while the Captain cut deep into the giant with his greataxe. The
stone giant roared in pain.

A light wisp of electrical energy arced from Lily’s hand and struck the giant.
Its arm twitched once, and then its eyes rolled back into its head as it crashed
to the ground. In the distance beyond the wall, a small burst of fire signified
the end of the spelljammer.

“Close those gates!” cried Gundark. “More water to the barracks! Stay on guard,
men. There could be more attacks…”

But there were no other attacks, and the night slowly gave way to the day.
The next morning, Gundark called the heroes back to his command center,
rewarding each with 150 gp as “bounty” for their efforts. Fort Bask is the
next-closest base along the neutral zone, and he needs some heroes to check it
out and report back.

1.) Something has changed with the Harrowstone orcs. Their rough stone
medallions have been replaced with bone disks showing a two-headed wolf. Perhaps
this change in leadership explains their sudden aggression. Report anything you
find about their leadership or plans that you find.

2.) Fort Bask is the closest base to the ruins of Lake Col where Cameron Drake
fell during the Northlands War. It’s a week’s travel to the North. Warn the
commander there about what has transpired, or report back to Gundark with what
you find if Fort Bask has fallen.


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