World of Bastion

Game 1 Synopsis

2 Coldhaven, Argarus Rising, 1127 SY

Nestled against the southern Diamond Back Hills, Fort Zarin stands watch over
the Weakening Plains…the neutral zone between the Land of the Covenant and the
encroaching Calirian Empire. Claimed during the Northlands War, these rough
lands have been on the front lines of the battle to contain the ever-expanding
desires of the Emperor Nokraenom. Saint Megan Fireform rules these lands and
serves as a suitable counter to the Emperor’s dark plans for the area.

But today is for celebration, for the new year has arrived and a week-long
celebration is underway. The air is brisk, and more snow falls to the ground
with each passing day. While some celebrate with spirits (and are walking around
much worse for it), others go about the daily business of the fort—securing the
Covenant from any threat.

Around 500 soldiers live here, mostly human with a contingent or two of dwarf
warriors from the Fortress of Bajin. Scouting parties frequently travel through
the heavy wooden gates of the Fort, returning after they have completed their
tour and met with their counterparts from the forts to the north. The stone
walls of the fort gleam with dwarven craftsmanship, and smoke streams forth from
the barracks, blacksmith, and other strategic structures.

Of more practical use is the Shining Shepherd Inn. This heavy wooden structure
serves as the community hub for the fort, and caravan leaders and adventurers
alike take shelter here as they travel along the neutral zone toward the capital
city of Tiersma.

It’s here that a small group of heroes find themselves on a cold winter’s night.
Drinking wine, mead, and drijashine, a friendship is slowly kindled, but
eventually the long travel to reach Fort Zarin drives each to their respective

But something is amiss. Peering out into the darkness, prismatic lights can be
seen cascading through the clouds and breaking through the lightly falling snow.
Too strong to be the Northern Lights, the sorceress Lily awakens her companions
and they head outside where others are marveling at the lights.

No one has seen anything like this, and it’s beautiful in its own way.

“The lights,” whispers Lily. “They’re getting closer.”

It’s only then that everyone notices that guards are running toward the walls.
It looks like the party is over for now…

Roll Initiative—-


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