World of Bastion

Game 7 Synopsis

Your party surveyed the rest of level 2 and determined there was only a single hallway that you had not yet explored. You sent Marius, your new engineer down the hall and discovered a 10×10 pit trap. It took a few minutes to figure out ways to get around it safely (and Decker almost fell in even with precautions), but Warden used a fly spell and carried everyone safely across.

Marius discovered another trap in the door at the end of the hall. A taut wire could be seen through the keyhole, apparently keeping something in place. There was no way to both keep the wire taut and open the door at the same time. Opening the door, you heard the sounds of breaking glass. The party waited for something to happen, but there was no sign of poison gas or other danger. Then, spectres attacked through the walls, striking the middle and back of the party. You were all trapped between the room ahead and the pit trap behind.

The spectres’ chilly hands reached out and touched many of you, but each found a reserve of faith deep within and resisted the negative energy. Then, a barbarian charged out of the darkness, striking Decker for massive amounts of damage. In a flurry of blows, Decker fell unconscious just as the last of the spectres was defeated.

(I’ll let Pete detail the phat loots…)

You headed back to the city and reported to Darkstar and Envision as to what you had discovered. You also spent time with the local merchants, getting items created and selling the items you didn’t want to keep.

At the Blue Dolphin, you relaxed while listening to the tales of other adventurers and enjoying the warmth of the hearth. As you finished your meal, you were invited to a feasthall deep in the tavern. Intrigued, you agreed to meet with four people.

Two sat on each side, all male. On your left, the first was an old human with leathery skin and wearing leather armor. Even in winter, he had an earthy smell to him. Next to him was another human, middle-aged with sparkling eyes and a warm smile.

Opposite these two were a human and an elf. The elf was thin and sarcastic, wearing silk robes, and took great joy in poking fun at the others. He spent most of his jibes on the old human seated next to him. The last human was dressed in heavy robes and had flowing white hair that seemed to merge into his beard.

There was some tension between the two sides, and each group asked you slightly different questions. After some suspicious questions from your party as to their intentions, they agreed to pay you 10,000 gold pieces for a full and complete account of your experiences in the dungeon. You told them everything, and they took great interest in your meeting with Xarivon’s servant, the gate spell that appeared, and the demonic encounters. Satisfied with your report, the white-haired human offered a spelljamming vessel to return you to the dungeon. The elf asked that you report anything else you find to them. He said to ask for Melishar.

(former players should refrain from commenting on this name) :-P

11 days have passed since you first arrived in the dungeon. We’ll pick up play on the morning of the 11th and your arrival at the spelljamming dock in Tiersma, Land of the Covenant.

DATE: 11 Snowcare, 1127 SY. This is the second week of the Festival of Acceptance (Argarus). Glimmershene is a holy day for Subotai (Lord of Illusion), which occurs today.


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